Why I Jumped from Medium back to Fiverr

Are you being well treated here?

Jordan Fraser


Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

After three years of complete radio silence, I am back on Fiverr and loving it more than ever.

I still remember the day that I snapped and left, deciding to devote all of my spare time to Medium. I was burned and wanted to jump to the royalty model that I felt much more fairly compensated the writer. What I really loved was the promise that great articles would remain evergreen, earning royalties until the end of time…

The Moment

The day I left Fiverr was a breaking moment. I had been booked to write a 20,000 word eBook (for which I was being paid much less than I would have liked), and I broke. I cancelled the job, refunded the money, and left the platform.

My stats bottomed out, and the buyer sent a harsh message, but I didn’t care. I was devoting all my time to Medium, this platform I’d recently discovered that compensated writers fairly based on how much attention they were getting.

I didn’t understand how Medium made enough money to pay anyone anything (I still don’t), but fairly early on, I was making more on Medium than I ever did on Fiverr and for far less effort.

The first few months on Medium were tough because we were paid for claps, and I didn’t (and still don’t) get many of those. I’ve always had a lot of views/reads, so when the payment model switched to rewarding read-time, my revenue jumped 10x almost overnight.

It was a dream come true. But as we all know, Medium slid down a hill of constantly changing algorithms favouring tighter and tighter revenue models.

While at one point I was earning $30+ per thousand views very reliably, that predictability went out the window.
Revenue became almost impossible to track and was always far lower than even my most conservative estimations. So I left Medium and joined no one.

I started studying again and threw all of my efforts into that, which was enough for one semester, but no more. I need something to pour my creativity into, but I can’t justify the effort without feeling fairly compensated. Hense, Fiverr is back on the table.