Where Do You Fit on Medium?

Take the test and find where you belong

Jordan Fraser


Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

The first few months of writing on Medium are usually the hardest, because it’s nearly impossible to know where you fit.

Everyone spends a period of time treading water while they write what they know and figure out what sticks.
If you’re like me, you spent your first few months tracking everything. You overanalyzed every success and picked apart every article that failed.

If even one article in a genre received above-average attention, a feeling of purpose came upon you as if from on high.
It was your purpose to dominate that genre, and dominate it you shall.

But genre-slotting isn’t enough, a writer on a platform such as this has to know where they fit amongst the other content.
You have to figure out who you are and what type of voice is going to resonate with readers.

I’ve gone through a lot of trial-and-error in my writing style, and some types of writing just fall flat on their face when sprung from my fingers.

You can’t fake an authentic voice, so it’s best to find which style suits you as soon as you can.
Once something feels right and resonates with readers, start supplying the world with content as regularly as you…