What your Huawei phone will look like without Android

It’ll look the same as already looks today – in China

Jordan Fraser
5 min readMay 31, 2019


Morning arrives with tender fingers of sunlight pushing their way through the slates in my bedroom blinds.

I reach across and pick up my Huawei phone, pulling it towards me and yanking it bodily from it’s charging cord.

The screen bursts to life with colour and lets me know with large letters that I could have slept 10 more minutes. But I’m up anyway, so I heave myself out of the bed and begin my day.


I start by loading up YouKu from the home screen to play some music while I have my shower. Some early morning Kpop gets me jazzed and ready for my day.

With soapy fingers I reach out towards the device, navigating through wet hair plastered over closed eyes.

I push at the screen to open Eleme, my preferred breakfast delivery app. With three pushes I can re-order the pancakes I had yesterday.

In the background Alipay sends money to the vendor and by the time I’m out of the shower..

*Bang bang bang*

The delivery guy has arrived.

Once I’ve cleaned the syrup from my chin I open up Didi and hail a cab.

By the time I’ve stepped out onto the street, the car has arrived and will whisk me to work where I’ll begin my day.

My morning has run entirely without any Google services, and the rest of my day will follow suit. This is because I live in China where Google Play services are cut from Huawei devices.

A Google-free world

Like 86% of all the worlds phones, Android runs on all Huawei devices.

Huawei admits that it’s very far from a usable operating system of its own, but even if it developed one – the chances of it surviving against the Google/Apple duopoly are slim.

I’m one of the rare people that proudly sported a Windows for 5 years.



Jordan Fraser