Trump Claims He’s Better than Lincoln

“I’m possibly better for black people than Abraham Lincoln”

Jordan Fraser
5 min readOct 23, 2020


Photo: ABC

The final Presidential debate has concluded, and I’d like to give my sincere thanks to the star of tonight’s debate; the Presidential mute button.

Because the moderator was able to mute whichever candidate was not meant to be talking at any given moment, the debate was a lot less messy than the one that came before it. As a result, we were finally able to see what each candidate really thinks of each other and the issues.

And when I say issues, I mean the big one.

“The Talk”

The standout moment of the night took place when the moderator asked President Trump and Former Vice President Biden about “the talk.”

The talk is referring to the conversation that black and brown Americans need to have with their kids on how to avoid being shot by police. Tips like making sure their hands are visible at all times during an interaction with police, and taking down their hoods before crossing the street.

When asking the candidates to address “the talk”, the moderator asked whether the candidates believe that it happens, and to address the parents directly and discuss the problem.

Biden spoke first, and told a story about the work his daughter does as a social worker.

He admits that the problem is huge, and that it needs to be made a focus. He says that because of his daughter, he’s seen discrimination first hand, and that he wants to enact policies to address it.

It was a vague answer and didn’t provide any tangible solutions, but seemed genuine and acknowledged the problem. The standout moment for me came later, when he admitted to the mistakes he made in the 80’s.

Trump called him out on being part of the ‘war on drugs’ and helping vote in laws that disproportionately impact black and brown Americans. After being called out, Biden admitted that he was at fault for his part in the vote, and that he wanted to correct his mistake as the next President.

It stood out in particular because I haven’t heard Trump apologise or admit fault once in four years. Has anyone?