Trish Regan vs Liu Xin – Who Won?

The answer to who won the lowest key, highest drama debate of the year

Jordan Fraser
6 min readMay 30, 2019


The story of Trish Regan and Liu Xin is the story of two women battling it out while weaponising very different strategies for debate.

Regan is a republican business reporter who was in hot water only last year for her disproven comments about Denmark, their education system and their similarity to Venezuela.

Liu is the Chinese television show host of ‘The Point with Liu Xin’ an “opinion show” on Chinese TV network CGTN.

The two women could not be more different, and neither could their priorities.

Starting with Regan

Regan’s tone right from the outset was the slow speaking and cold sarcasm of a reporter that’s cornering its prey.

The first clue into Regan’s priorities is when she introduces Liu’s television show as

“overseen by the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party.”

Immediately we can see that the debate position she’s taking is that Liu isn’t credible because she’s a communist. This is playing on the fear and hated Americans have had towards communism since the Cold War.

“And though she and I may not agree on everything, I believe this is actually a really unique opportunity.”

Everything in that sentence is telling the audience that they mustn’t trust her guest once she arrives.

She opens the line by reminding the audience that Liu is a communist and is therefore a puppet of the communist party. She then follows it up by saying that what Liu says therefore can’t be credible. She then uses the word unique, a word I’d use to describe animals that aren’t cute but are deadly.

“An opportunity to hear a very different view.”

Choosing the word ‘different’ along with her drawn-out tone is the icing on the cake to…