Training and Nursing my Rescue Cat back to Health

Dealing with the common issues that come with adopting a rescue kitten

Jordan Fraser
5 min readJun 12, 2019


Within the first hour of adopting our rescue kitten, my partner and I took her to the vet to get her illnesses known and under control.
But not before a hearty meal.

Miu Miu came to use suffering terrible conjunctivitis

If you didn’t read the previous story about my kitten and would like to know more about how we actually adopted her, may I present —

Carrying Miu Miu

We didn’t have a cat-containment style bag-thing for the new kitten on our first day, so I bundled her in my jacket and carried her.
Her body lay in the fold of the jacket like a tiny package being delivered in a fuzzy envelope.

After a few minutes of walking, she stuck her tiny head out of the jacket and looked around. She stayed that way for most of the trip until the last five minutes when she darted back into the jacket, and threw up.
Obviously I could have walked perhaps a little bit smoother.

The vet saw us right away and confirmed our suspicions. The cat had conjunctivitis and needed to be put onto two different eye drops that had to be administered three times a day.
We’d only met the cat hours earlier and we were being told that we’d have to torture her three times a day for the next week. We worried for our new cat’s feelings towards her new adopted parents.

Doing the deed was torture for us.

Each day before work, after work and before sleep was a nightmare.
My job was to hold the kitten firmly and keep one eye open at a time with my fingers. It was my partners job to drop a single drop from each bottle into her giant eyes.
After each treatment Miu Miu was rewarded with a smelly treat, a treat that made her business smell absolutely horrendous.