The Biggest Hurdle for New Writers

After nine months on the platform, I have some good advice

Jordan Fraser


Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Every year when January comes around, I always anticipate the same phenomenon.
Whether I’m hustling for Medium, Fiverr, Freelancer, or Amazon; January always means a wave of new contributors joining me on my chosen platform.

Every year, sites like Medium grow their contributor base exponentially in January because it’s the time of year that people choose resolutions and set goals for their future.

People want more from their lives, and January often means finally pulling that trigger.
Unfortunately, most of those new writers are gone by March, so it’s usually after mid-March that we figure out the ones who’ll be sticking around long term.

When I use to work on cruise ships there was a saying; if you quit after two contracts, you’ve quit for real. But if you come back for a third contract, you’re trapped for life.

We said this because once people were on their third ship contract, they became “lifers”.
Lifers would always talk about quitting, but once you’ve completed three contracts, you’re trapped. The ship has become a part of you and it becomes heart-wrenching to give it up.
Ships were a way of life, and this life only suits a certain kind of person.

Being an online contributor is really similar. Anyone can contribute to a platform such as Medium for a month or even two months, but it takes a certain kind of person to keep the hustle going long term.

If you’re someone who hangs on for six months, you’re hooked, and you’re probably a lifer.
But even people who are really well suited to the life can become derailed by certain factors.
I’ve seen friends of mine I’ve written alongside suddenly quit because of little traps they’ve fallen into over time, which is always a sad thing to experience.

Over the last month, I’ve been providing a lot of advice and guidance to newer writers who want to “make it” on Medium.
I don’t have any tricks of the trade, but I have achieved my financial goals here, and I feel comfortable as a regular…