Storm Area 51 Music Festival

Developments in this year’s most controversial meme

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Photo by gbarkz on Unsplash
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It goes without saying that the FBI and the Airforce have been vocal in condemning this event. A lot of public officials have taken the event very seriously and have made serious threats against the lives of those who would storm the facility.

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Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash


Perhaps in an attempt to save the lives of those who plan to “Naruto Run” through the armed perimeter of Area 51, the creator of the event has now pivoted and organised a music festival called ‘Alien Stock’ in place of the original plan to storm the facility.

“We want to host a Festival in Rachel, NV.. the closest town to Area 51. They can’t stop us from gathering and celebrating Aliens! This event is taking place whether we set up or not- it’s basically its own entity now. Our goal is to secure the residencies of Rachel and provide a safe & fun experience for all of those who attend.”

The festival is free, although parking, accomodation and food costs need to be planned for.

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Photo: Alien Stock Festival

Still want to go?

If what you’re expecting is a few dozen people jamming to some small bands in the middle of the desert, then this is the festival for you.

Desert Music Festival Checklist

If you’re that journalist or podcaster looking to capitalise, remember that -

  • Accomodation is already booked and night temperatures plunge below zero
  • Cash only, because EFTPOS (credit card systems) require the internet
  • Food is not being organised, and the local town is use to catering for a population size of literally 50 people
  • The Government will be on high alert and will be watching, so maybe don’t get drunk and run into the desert late at night
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen

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