Stop Doing Keto Wrong

You’re ruining it for the rest of us

Jordan Fraser
4 min readSep 5, 2022


Photo: Waldemar Brandt via Unsplash

Once the trendy diet of the town, the ketogenic diet, over the past year, has seen an increase in the number of sceptics who call out the high fat, low carb diet as dangerous, short-sighted, and ultimately deadly.

An unprecedented number of stories such as “my cousin was hospitalised!” And “my workmate’s kidney literally shut down, and he went into a coma mid-sentence! Have become commonplace and accepted online.

Defenders of the keto diet are often quick to blame the widespread keto hate on bread and sugar industry lobbyists who are hellbent on stopping this keto malarkey before we all detox off their addictive products. But the true enemy isn’t lobbyists since they’re only likely to be deployed once long-term keto dieting becomes the norm rather than the choice of the crazed few. Rather, the enemy is keto dieters themselves and the ridiculous choices they make in the name of the diet.

Ketosis is Not a Superpower

More and more doctors are coming forward to warn us off the keto diet, not because they’re being slipped money under the table by the bread guys, but because so many of us are doing this diet like crazed morons.

I can’t say this loudly enough, giving up sugar does not miraculously stop bacon from being a carcinogen, nor does it stop kilograms of daily cheese consumption from stopping your heart. If you’re tripling your daily caloric intake, you can’t expect to lose weight on the magic of keto.

People are entering keto, making horrible choices, neglecting nutrition, then switching back to their regular diets after a year-long binge on processed fatty foods that lands them in the hospital.

They forget that, like all positive life choices, this isn’t meant to be easy; it’s meant to improve your life. If something seems too good to be true, it certainly is! Don’t put that crap in your body!

It sucks making healthy food choices, it especially sucks because most of us are sugar-addicted, and coming down from that is really hard. We’re also addicted to the chemicals present in fast food, which is why so many keto-dieters are pulling the buns off a cheeseburger and calling it a healthy meal. Your…