Singapore Lounge Review

SilverKris Business Class Lounge, Singapore Airport Terminal 3

Jordan Fraser
4 min readAug 11, 2019


Everything is ok with a coffee in your hands

I arrived at the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class lounge at 12:30am with a headache and suffering near paralytic tiredness.

It was absolutely jam packed.


The SilverKris lounge is pretty large.
It’s single level and pretty easy to map.

There’s a buffet area..

Next to a row of tables that are great for dining..

And a bathroom area that has both toilets and showers.

The rest of the space is just a large lounging area with lots of places to sit down and stretch out.

It’s a simple lounge without any bells or whistles… Literally no bells, no whistles.

There was a lot missing from this lounge that really felt like no brainers, especially for a lounge that’s open 24 hours and is in one of the worlds biggest transit hubs.


There is a serious outlet shortage in this lounge.

The outlets the lounge does have are only for Hong Kong/UK shaped connections. So if you don’t have a converter, you’ll need to walk down the terminal to the nearby electronics shop and drop $50 on a universal converter.

But that’s only if you can find an outlet to plug into.

There’s only a handful of them in the entire lounge, so during busy times (such as morning and night) you’re unlikely to grab one.