Shark Tank is the Best Show on TV Today

I don’t love Shank Tank — I’m Completely Obsessed with Shark Tank

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Shark Tank is a reality investment show that stars a panel of ‘Sharks’ who hear pitches from small business owners.
The business owners can ask the Sharks for any amount of money they want and in return will offer up a portion of their business to the Sharks as equity. Using this cash/equity swap the Sharks are able to work out how much the business owner thinks their business is worth and using this figure will ask several questions to try to get to their valuation. They’ll ask questions about their sales numbers, years in the business etc. Eventually if a Shark likes what he/she is hearing and is interested they will make an offer. The business owner must be offered all the money they’re seeking or they’ll leave the tank with nothing. We’ll see usually four of these pitches in an episode and thats it.

So what’s so great about this show?

The Judge Judy effect

Judge Judy yells at the idiots we can’t yell at.

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Shark Tank feels like real people getting real justice

That stock music is just so damn exciting

The Sharks are just so gosh darn loveable

Each of the cast

The variety of entrepreneurs

It’s got to be profitable

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I apologise on behalf of the nation of Australia and Shine Television

The Secret Sauce

Back to Shark Tank..

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