Preparing for a Pandemic

How I wish I had prepared for the viral pandemic in China

Jordan Fraser
5 min readJan 28, 2020


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I’m currently living in Shanghai, and as many of you know, there’s a health crisis sweeping China and the world at this moment.

Stories of my experiences living in China through this pandemic have taken over my focus here on Medium. As I scroll through my profile, all I see are articles that detail my experiences since it started.
Here are the first ones you’d be confronted with when clicking onto my profile

Along with messages of support, the tales of my experiences have also inspired a lot of anger from people who think I’m stirring up panic.
I suspect they see me as someone, somewhere in the world who’s bored and wants to speculate on the latest craze to take over the public consciousness.

Unfortunately for me, it’s all real and all around me. The storm is only worsening, and it’s directly affecting my life.
The stories I write on Medium are my experiences being in China and living through it. Any panic you perceive is there because I have reason to panic.

There’s so much I wish I had done to prepare for this pandemic. So here’s what I’ll be doing to better prepare for the next one…

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Buy and Store Masks

Days into the pandemic, surgical masks started selling out all throughout the city.
I managed to get some, but nowhere near enough. I ordered some online but it was no use, my orders were cancelled by the seller before they could send any.

Now I’m stuck with an injury that needs daily attention by a doctor, and only a few masks left before I run out.

A shipment of 3 million masks were sent into Shanghai tonight and distributed to several hundred pharmacies.
The pharmacies…



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