One World Government.. Of 6 Year Olds

Global Laws as Dictated by Chinese 1st Graders

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The Global Law

In today’s debate, the students were asked to write new laws for the entire world.
I wanted to know how a group of Chinese 6 year olds would run the world if given the opportunity.

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Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

Below is the official new list of laws for the entire world.

  1. No unapproved lights may be used at night in an effort to stop light pollution
  2. Global cigarette ban. No exceptions
  3. Everyone must eat crab for every meal to stop crab overpopulation
  4. No littering
  5. Only 100% recyclable materials may be used in every facet of industry. If it can’t be recycled, it can’t be made
  6. No shouting in the subway. Spoken tones only.
  7. No spitting your gum on the street
  8. No more wars. Period.
  9. No more felling tree’s anywhere in the world
  10. No eating loudly
  11. Citizens must report any criminal activity they witness or be penalised for the crime they didn’t report
  12. No picking your nose
  13. No spitting
  14. If you’re sick you must wear a mask
  15. No biting your fingernails
  16. People must go to the bathroom if they want to sneeze
  17. Coffee should be free for foreign visitors to China because they drink it so much
  18. Higher salaries for teachers
  19. All students should be given meat in their school provided meals
  20. No adults can work later than 7pm at their jobs. They must come home earlier to their families.
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Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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