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Predicting the money by running the numbers

Jordan Fraser
5 min readAug 31, 2019


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As some of you know, I absolutely love my numbers.

Boiling my stories down into spreadsheets is as wonderful to me as it is to the great Liz Lemon.

Oh Liz. I can only hope to be more like pathetic ol’ you.

But… Mental Health?

If the numbers stressed me out or made me obsessive, I absolutely wouldn’t do it.
I’ll admit, I did turn off my Medium notifications to protect myself from my own craziness. In spite of that, my spreadsheets provide me only joy!

Last month I wrote a story about what I learned from July’s numbers.
I promised that I’d apply my predictions to what I chose to write about in the coming month.

Thanks to the numbers, I turned 250 fans in the month of July to 600 fans for August! While still modest, this spike exceeded my targets. So yay!

Numbers are magic! They tell us what works, and help us identify trends so we can ride them like waves.
So why write stories at random when you can predict the future?

Creative expression you say? Inspiration you scream? Ok I hear you.

I also write from my heart sometimes, but I mix those up with stories from my crystal ball.
It’s working so far, so let’s crunch the numbers for August!

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My Top 9

Every month I break down my best 9 performing genres for the past month.

These 9 genres represent the stories that made me the most money consistently over the month.

Here they are in reverse order, leading up to the champion.

9. Travel

8. This Happened to Me

7. Self Control

6. Happiness

5. Success

4. Productivity



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