Medium 2.0 Is Coming…

And if you’re not careful, you may not survive it

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What’s Really Happening

Today our scepticism was rewarded with tiny details into what’s really going on.

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Royalties Are About to be Muted

I mention royalties because I’m confident that the first change added to the platform is going to negatively affect royalties for all of us.

“I made $5 a month, now I make $500 a month, here’s how you can too.”

An article like that is bound to be riddled with nonsense tricks and strategies that landed the writer at an amount of money that isn’t bad but isn’t exactly inspirational either. Here’s another example;

“How to become an A list actor in 30 days.”

This is annoying because unless the writer is Tom Hanks (or an equivalent talent) how can they know how this level of success is achieved?!
This is my least favourite type of article;

“I got rich and skinny using this little trick.”

Titles that are worded in such a way that you’ll only know what it’s talking about if you click into it.

“If it weren’t for this fact I’d be barren today.”

Articles like this are absolutely maddening, and now that I have the power, I’ll wield my mute wand with fury.

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The Writers Life

We’ve all had hard days, those times when our royalties were so low we would have tried anything to turn things around. Unfortunately, ideas born from desperation far too often make the situation worse.

The Most Vulnerable

The ones I feel most sorry for are the new writers who haven’t found their voice yet.

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I’m Conflicted

The reader side of me loves the power of the mute, and that side of me will wield it mercilessly.

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I write articles that inform and delight from my anti-virus bunker in Shanghai, China. 🇦🇺 🇨🇳

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