Is My Junk Worth Your Happiness?

What compels people to take such wild chances?

Jordan Fraser
4 min readNov 2, 2023
Photo by Andre Taissin on Unsplash

Why is it that so many people can’t forget the past and leave well enough alone?

People enter and exit your life for a reason, and it’s baffling to me when people try rummaging through their past in an attempt bring something back that literally has the potential to blow everything up in the present that’s worth having.

About a month ago, someone from my past tried to add me on Facebook. He sent me a message, but I pretended I hadn’t seen it and went on with my day.

He said that he’d caught up with a mutual friend and had heard I’d paid off my mortgage and wanted to congratulate me on a job well done. I thought it was nice but didn’t really entertain it further. A week or two passed and he messaged again asking about my life, so I checked in on his life and discovered through his Facebook page that he he’d gotten married a couple years ago, so I felt safe adding him and engaging in conversation.

We chatted happily for a couple of days, reminiscing about our early 20’s when we were working on cruise ships and sailing the open seas. We swapped stories about how our lives had progressed since then, even talking about the significant others we’d each attached ourselves to along the way.