I Found the Holy Grail, a Fun Way to Exercise

Miracles can happen

Jordan Fraser
5 min readMay 6, 2024
Credit: Conqueror Challenge owned by Actionary LTD

Do you need shiny incentives to make you feel motivated to work out? Do gamified systems get you excited and off the couch? Do jazzy prizes make you weak at the knees? Well if so, do I have the discovery for you.

Last week I discovered Conqueror Challenges, a division of New Zealand based parent company ‘Actionary Ltd’ and the ones buying the assload of Facebook ads you’ve probably been confronted with incessantly for the past couple of years.

Ever since the pandemic really got going, I’ve been hit with ads for a “virtual marathon” company that sent you shiny medals for running a set number of miles either on a treadmill or around your neighbourhood. I assumed it was a scam and moved on, although admittedly tempted by the incredibly detailed Lord of the Rings medals they’d licensed from Tolkien’s estate and made themselves. Those shiny medals nearly drew me in, but it wasn’t until my partners birthday that I was finally suckered in, and now I’m hooked.

As mentioned earlier, Conqueror Challenges sells you virtual marathons that you complete on your own in your own time, either by running or walking, or by many other methods such as rowing, elliptical machine, or travelling by wheelchair.