How to Best Prepare for Your Next Protest

Tips that may save your eyes or keep you out of jail

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Photo by Ricardo Arce on Unsplash

Getting together

If you’re going to meet your friends before heading out to the protest, make sure you’re not organising your plans on Zoom.

Preparing your phone.

You’re probably going to use your phone as a recording device during the protest, and possibly as a way to communicate if you find yourself hiding from the police in a dark corner.

Don’t wait to put videos online

While at the protest, if you capture footage of police brutality on your phone, turn off airplane mode and get it online immediately.

Dealing with being teargassed

If you’ve had tear gas sprayed on you, CNN Health has some advice.

Prioritise your safety over your emotion

In the heat of the moment, you may want to yell or do something bold.
However, the last thing in the world you want is to become the latest victim of police brutality yourself.

Protest kit.

Here are some items you can consider bringing with you to protect yourself from police brutality.

  • Bike helmet, to protect from head trauma.
  • Umbrella, apparently this will stop rubber bullets.
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Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash

“non-profit organisation designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system — one person at a time.”

Here’s a link to their website if you’d like to know more, donate, or get in contact if you or someone you love has been arrested. (You can call them at (323) 366–0799 if you need their help with bail).

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