Every Writer Should be Playing Video Games

Video game are saving my vacation, and gave me my book idea

Jordan Fraser
4 min readJun 27, 2019


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I experienced very few vacations during my childhood, but I’ve embarked on quite a lot of them since becoming an adult.

Because of the conditions of my US visa, I had to go to Australia several times a year when I worked on cruise ships. (The ships had to pay for it).

These forced flights would bring me back to my hometown and made me vacation where I had grown up.
My nights were spent under the sheets I had hidden under as a child.

These days I have to pay for my flights (boo), but I get a larger variety of destination options since I’m paying the bill.

No-matter where I’m going though, I tend to take work away with me.

Photo by Alex D’Alessio on Unsplash

Yes, no matter where I vacation; if I have hands free — those hands start to work.

Even if I’m lying on a banana chair, watching the sunset by the pool I will literally reach underneath my chair for my laptop, and get to work.

Hands free = work being done

And its a bad thing, because this vacation cost a lot of money, and I’m wasting my money by doing this.

My boss isn’t paying me, and I’m not getting my money’s worth de-stressing.
The entire reason I shelled out all this money for the vacation was because of how stressed I was.
My stress is raising my blood pressure and lowering my life expectancy. I take vacations to remedy this problem, and I’m wasting it!

That’s when I turn to video games.

Hands filled = work being ignored

I find it difficult to play video games for long lengths of time, but if I break it up with walks and coffees I can do it.

I bought a Nintendo Switch to help me on my quest for longer life. Nintendo is the best choice because its bright, colourful, and friendly to less talented gamers.



Jordan Fraser