Don’t Drink the Water

A further look into drinking water kept aboard aircrafts

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash
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We Need Our Beverages

At only 20% humidity, the dryness inside an aircraft cabin is equivalent to the Sahara Desert.

The Secret is Out

It’s absolutely no secret that the tanks holding drinking water aboard planes are filthy.

“I won’t drink the tap water — I just don’t trust the cleanliness of the aircraft and the testing of it.”

Why doesn’t she trust the water?

Regulations governing the cleanliness of water aboard are severely lax.

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“We only truly clean once a year. I’ve been on planes that are constantly running. It’s almost like a subway in New York. We know things are dirty in the system and it takes a little while to clean it out.”

Photo by Emre Gencer on Unsplash

Tea and Coffee

A lot of people are quick to defend drinking tea and coffee onboard. They say that water needs to be boiled to prepare these beverages, and that boiling water sterilises it.

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What can we do?

Scientists involved in the studies have told us to stick to bottled water and beverages onboard flights.

I write articles that inform and delight from my anti-virus bunker in Shanghai, China. 🇦🇺 🇨🇳

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