The Cruise Ship Crew are Duping You

And here’s what you should do

Jordan Fraser
6 min readMay 2, 2024
Photo by orbtal media on Unsplash

I experienced a glistening and very short-lived moment last week, a moment where I found myself standing on the dock in Shanghai looking at the incredible ‘Spectrum of the Seas’ thanking a crew member as he wheeled my bag away for me.

It was a moment that caused me to reflect on the time I’d spent working onboard ships, and for a moment, I felt vindicated. We were young, stupid, and irresponsible, but my fellow crew-members and I had provided some incredible vacations for a lot of people. I held out hope that this cruise would justify the five years of my life I spent working onboard two different cruise ships working hard and playing harder.. those hopes were dashed the moment I stepped aboard.

The Real Benefactors

I’m sorry to say, but cruise ships aren’t sailing for your benefit, they sail for the benefit of the crew. For the duration of my cruise, I walked around the ship popping my head in and out of different shows, restaurants, and events. I took a gander at the napkin folding class and adult colouring workshop. I passed by the karaoke night, and tried to enjoy the ‘sail-away party.’ I took the ship for what it wanted to offer, and I couldn’t have been more embarrassed.