China is Running out of Masks

Yet wearing a mask has become mandatory

Photo by Kamil Feczko on Unsplash
Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

Running Low

Today I had to go back out to hospital to have my wound re-dressed, and in doing so had to use my 6th remaining mask.
I now have 5 left, and am panicking about running out before my treatment is finished.

Where are the masks?

Masks have run out across China, and so has Dettol (hand disinfectant). The government is enforcing a mandatory mask law during the days of high infection risk, so if I left my apartment without wearing one I’d risk more than disease, I’d risk being arrested.

Coming Together

Photo by Dwayne Paisley-Marshall on Unsplash

I write articles that inform and delight from my anti-virus bunker in Shanghai, China. 🇦🇺 🇨🇳

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