Answering to Your Fermentation Questions

My answers to the questions you may have

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Last night I held a fermentation party with some of my friends. I laid out everything I’d fermented that was ready to eat or drink, and explained the process behind how it was all made.
It really surprised me how interested they all were, even those who’d never cooked in any capacity. They were somehow enthralled by the information.

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Do ferments ruin each other if stored near each other?

There’s a lot of information bouncing around online about bacteria passing from one ferment to another and ruining the process.

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How do I know if my ferment is still alive?

People get really worried when they deviate from the rules. Perhaps they go too long without feeding a bug, or maybe they notice their sauerkraut has gone dry.

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What’s wrong with tap water? Isn’t it all the same in the end?

We often hear that we shouldn’t be using tap water in our ferments, and I’d love to disagree.. but I can’t.

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How much time needs to pass before I throw out my ginger bug?

So you’re starting to reach lands unknown and you’re not sure what’s next? Well done you.

  1. Divide the liquid into several new jars with fresh ginger and they should spawn several new bugs. Just a cupful of the stuff becomes more and more powerful over time as it populates itself with more and more beneficial bacteria.
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If it’s not organic will it fail?

A friend of mine tried to start making ginger honey after I made mine, but he was bitterly disappointed at the result.

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The best way to know is to try! Don’t be scared, just start with something easy (such as sauerkraut) and jump in feet first. And if I’ve not answered your questions here, leave me a comment and I’d be more than happy to answer :)

I write articles that inform and delight from my anti-virus bunker in Shanghai, China. 🇦🇺 🇨🇳

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