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I write articles that inform and delight from my anti-virus bunker in Shanghai, China. 🇦🇺 🇨🇳
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The older I get, the more I am convinced of one thing, that study is wasted on the young.

I remember the days when I was young and in college. I was studying a psychology degree, despite the fact that I have no interest in listening to people’s personal problems for hours on end. I have no idea what I was thinking.

My younger sister is currently looking for a new degree after completing hers, because she went out into the world after graduating and realised that she has no interest in what she majored in.

Study is wasted on…

Photo: Disney

Ahh Disney.. The corporate machine that’s been printing money by selling your dreams back to you is a .. tale as old as time.. you could say.

But while I’m always ready to engage in good faith and justified criticism of this behemoth marketing machine, I’m not in love with criticism that points the finger at problems that don’t exist.

Today, I had a conversation with a dear friend who brought up one of the original criticisms of Beauty and the Beast that I haven’t heard mentioned in years.
This friend brought up the belief that some people have alleging…

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Managing a business has taught me a lot about how people really feel about their jobs.

In the beginning, I thought that I could simply delegate tasks to whoever was free and they would be obliged to carry out whatever I had asked them to do. It turns out however, this isn’t really the case.

Whenever I need to delegate tasks, I have to be really careful about who I choose for each task, because people work their jobs for various reasons.

Some will say that we’re all working for the same reason, we’re all in it for the money…

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NewsBreak have changed the game yet again, this time by swinging open their doors to anyone and everyone who wants to join.

Oh, and it’s not News Break anymore, it’s NewsBreak now. It’s been a big few days.

In what is clearly the latest in a long term step-based plan, News Break has ended their “audition” system for writers seeking to gain entry onto their platform.

NewsBreak burst onto the scene sometime late 2020 with their incredible $1,000 per month minimum royalty guarantee, causing a huge buzz among writers, most of whom (including me) assuming it was a scam.


Used with Permission

Do you ever have those days when you can’t believe how everything is turning out?

I’ve lived in Shanghai for the past four years, working as a drama teacher and loving my life.
I enjoy the city, my job, my work/life balance, and especially my writing. I’ve been able to keep my hobbies, raise two bitchy cats, and keep a healthy relationship with my partner.

Things were always good, but something kept nagging at me on the inside. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

The Unsatisfied Itch

I work for a performing arts studio in downtown Shanghai. …

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One of the most awkward yet exciting moments of any career is the day a person transitions into a leadership role.

The awkward part comes when it’s time to tell your former colleagues what to do. Some of them are still faithful to the previous leader, while others consider you as one of the gang and someone they used to goof-off with.

How can you suddenly start talking as if you know best? And how do you even change your brain so that you’re suddenly the one who can positively impact the business?

Well, it’s not easy. In a way…

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When chatting with my friends about money, I’ve noticed that their biggest barrier to getting more proactive with their futures is that they have no idea why they should be investing.

They see what influencers are saying about it, and they’re either being turned off or confused by the promised results.

Invest today, move to Jamaica tomorrow..

They want to retire early, right away if possible. But figuring it all out and giving it their time and effort is far too much of a chore to bother.

While I believe that sometimes we all need a push to get important…

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It’s been two years since I started writing on Medium, and it has been nothing if not eventful.

Unexpected changes are regularly introduced out of nowhere, some of which have completely made or broken the experience for writers.

The latest of which was a random bonus system that turned up during the April pay cycle of this year. Writers suddenly started staring stories about unexpected $500 bonuses that were sent to them, no reason, no clear explanation.

But it seems that whatever Medium was testing worked. Writers responded very positively (to money? shocking..)

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I woke up this morning to a message I would never have expected to receive ever in my lifetime.

After a week of consideration, a close friend of mine has bought a cleaning franchise with his girlfriend. I don’t know what makes me break out in hives first, hearing about someone buying a business with their partner, or hearing about someone buying a business after only a week of consideration.

When buying a business, there’s so much to consider and even more to prepare for. …

Photo: AT&T

When I first saw the original ‘Jake from State Farm’ commercial, I knew State Farm had a hit on their hands. It was light, hilarious, and completely relatable.

It felt like your average comedy. A ridiculous situation that would never happen in real life, but felt believable anyway. An average looking guy and his nagging overbearing wife made a joke that would later be cleaned up and remade. Sounds like Hollywood doesn’t it?

But more than a hit, State Farm had an advertising model on their hands. What if a company could trick the consumer into thinking they’re nothing more…

Jordan Fraser

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